Choosing the right CCTV system for you

One of the most effective ways to deter crime in and around your property is with a CCTV system. The visual deterrent of cameras on their own can stop criminals from attempting a break in to begin with. However, real criminals aren’t stupid – please don’t be tempted to buy a fake CCTV camera. All fake cameras look exactly the same, and criminals know the difference. This guide should help you decide on which CCTV equipment to buy.

CCTV systems are made up of two main things:

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
The DVR is the device that records activity. It’s essentially the same as your video recorded would be at home. You’ll find lots of different DVRs to choose from, but they all do the same job. Making sure your system supports the number of cameras you have is the most important thing. DVRs usually support blocks of 4 cameras at a time. Do keep in mind that you can’t usually your DVR to support more, so ensure you have room for adding more cameras later if you believe you may need them!

DVRs come with a variety of hard drive sizes, and this is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing. The hard drive is what physically stores the recordings, and the larger the drive the more it’ll store. DVRs are usually set to continuously record, so they overwrite previous data when they are full. You’ll need extra recording space if you’ve a large system with lots of cameras. High quality recording takes up more space, so bear in mind what quality you expect to record in.

There are some other things to consider, too. Such as whether you want to be able to watch your recordings without being in front of your system. If you would, ensure our system can display your recordings online. You can even watch your cameras online in real time with some systems. Perfect for when you’re not there.

The cameras
With so much to choose from, selecting a camera can be tricky. It’s the quality of the picture that matters, so choose something that records in a high enough quality for the recordings to be clear. The angle of the lens is crucial to ensuring your whole property is covered. If the view doesn’t cover the whole area, you’ll have vulnerable spots that can be exploited by criminals.

Other things you’ll need
Cabling is also a requirement, of course. You’ll also need something to view the cameras on. A computer monitor is pefect for this, and will easily connect to your DVR. Lastly you’ll need a power supply to power the system.

CCTV systems can be purchased in kit form now, containing everything you need to set your system up. Most competent DIYers will be fine, but you may struggle with the cabling if you’re not experienced. There’ll be a lot of cabling to hide and it can become quite a messy job!

View the packages offered by Camber Security, where a system can be installed and setup by their professional installers for only £855+VAT.


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